Woman cures debilitating migraines after cutting diary from her diet

Woman cures debilitating migraines after cutting diary from her diet

Andrea Henson, 46, suffered of “incredibly painful" migraines since her Twenties – even ending up in hospital on one occasion.

Andrea, who owns a Lincolnshire-based catering company, said: 

“That was definitely my worst episode. I had to have all kinds of tests including a lumbar puncture and CT scan. It was very frightening and just goes to show how bad migraines can be.

“My episodes were always unpredictable, they could come on quickly and affect my vision or be a slow starter, lasting anywhere between one to three days.

“I was left feeling exhausted and achy but there was nothing anyone could do. As I run my own business, I had to try to soldier on the best I could. It was really hard.”

Henson was then prescribed anti-migraine medication from her doctor, but was only allowed to take four tablets a month due to its strong dosage. However, the side-effects usually left her “drowsy and queasy”.

It was only recently, when a food intolerance testing programme, YorkTest, was recommended to her for the catering business.

“I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper insight into different sensitivities for the business, while also looking deeper into my family’s health by getting my husband and children involved and taking a test with me,” she said.

The YorkTest Food & DrinkScan programme discovered she, as well as her entire family, were allergic to cow’s milk and corn.

The whole family now has replaced dairy milk with soya, and her migraines have "pretty much disappeared".



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