A healthy and refreshing summer salad

A healthy and refreshing summer salad

It is summer and that means one thing in the UK: celebrating this (unusually) sunny day in the park by picnicking.
This carrot and apple salad is the perfect choice; it is quickly prepared, portable, filled with nutritious and refreshing ingredients.

For 2 portions you will need:
2 big apples (sweet or sour – it really depends what you prefer)
5 carrots
2 tbsp. of walnut oil
1-2 lemons

Start by peeling the apples and removing the core. Once that is done, peel the carrots and cut off their ends.
Grate both ingredients and toss them together in a bowl.
Squeeze the lemons either by hand or with a citrus press. Mix the lemon juice with the walnut oil by adding them to the salad bowl.
For finishing touches, chop the coriander into little pieces and add them to the salad. Now all that’s left to do is stir.

Voila - simple as that!


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